Census Zoom Meeting

Shekinah Chapel’s Census Townhall Meeting

Thursday May 28, 2020


Welcome & House Keeping – Lashonda Curry 7:00

Prayer – Lashonda Curry 7:01

Introduction of the Facilitator  – Lashonda Curry 7:05

Facilitator – Mr. Cory Stevenson 7:05-7:25

Discussion Points

What is the Census

What effect does the census have on the Residents of Riverdale,

Elders, African Americans & Faith-based communities.

What are the 10 questions on application?

How to keep the Census Bureau from knocking on your door.

What to expect if you do not answer the census online, on paper or over the phone?

Resources for seniors and the disabled

Q&A 7:25 -7:40

Thanks & Acknowledgements to Age Options, Village of Riverdale, Us Census Partnerships Specialist

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