With respect to the local residents of Riverdale and the fire service:

  • We shall strive to accomplish our mission to support the readiness of the Riverdale Fire-Rescue Department in the most efficient, productive and effective manner possible;
  • And promote the principles of democracy through good citizenship and participation worthwhile civic and community activities.

With respect to the people and community of Riverdale which we serve:

  • We shall conduct ourselves and our business in the highest traditions of the American Fire Service and the Riverdale Fire-Rescue Department;
  • Treat those we serve, fairly, with compassion and respect, regardless of their rank, lifestyle, race, color, creed, sex, national origin or economic status;
  • And within the community of Riverdale, be a good example and role model in every respect.

With respect to our fire service profession:

  • We shall embrace the principles of professionalism, using personal initiatives to achieve success and work diligently to see that our fire service standards and ethics are never compromised or lowered;
  • And invest our own time and talent for the well-being and advancement of our chosen profession “the fire service”.

With respect to the organization of the Riverdale Fire-Rescue and ourselves:

  • We shall exercise our individual talent and energy to reduce injuries, death and property loss from fire, domestic terrorism, hazardous materials and other related emergencies;
  • For each of us to focus on our own job and perform it in a positive manner;
  • For each of us to be a leader, motivating those above us and below us by quality time and spirit in our actions;
  • To remain physically fit and mentally prepared to perform all assignments as a firefighter;
  • And to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, and support the organization and its mission, through personal commitments, professionalism, good character, pride, and team work.

We recognize the essential qualities of a firefighter as:

  • The desire to serve, the ability to perform, and the courage to act.

“Only a creative, highly motivated group, working towards a common set of objectives can build a superior organization”.