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Occupancy Permit Application

  • Owner Information

  • NO P.O BOXES accepted!
  • (if different from owner address, please list)
  • Management Information

  • Tenant Information

  • Completing this application does not guarantee that you will receive an Occupancy Permit. You must comply with obtaining a Rental License each year in order to rent. Upon your initial rental inspection, you will have forty-five (45) days from that date to complete all repairs and schedule your re-inspection or your initial inspection will expire. If all violations have not been repaired upon your re-inspection, you must re-apply for an Occupancy Permit and pay all associated fees.nnOccupancy Permits are valid for sixty (60 days). If no renter take occupancy in the above listed home or apartment within sixty (60) days, you must apply and pay for a new Occupancy Permit. nnOccupancy Permits must be applied for between each tenant. nnFailure to obtain an Occupancy Permit before renting to a new tenant will result in a minimum $300.00 fine. Fines can be issued each day you are not compliant.