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Riverdale! The Village of Riverdale has a new solid waste services contractor. See below!

July 1, 2019

Beginning August 1, 2019, the Village of Riverdale will be changing its solid waste services contractor. The Village has selected Flood Brothers Disposal to provide all solid waste services to all residential dwellings within the Village.

Multi Family dwellings will be supplied properly sized containers to meet the solid waste and recycling needs each property of three (3) or more units may have. These containers will be supplied and owned by Flood Bros, they will be steel containers with lids. Over the last few months the Flood Bros team has been working behind the scenes to develop an understanding of the currently level of services in place at each property.

Flood Bros can be contracted directly for any changes or confirmation of services for your property. The dwellings under eight (8) units will be collected one (1) time per week, while nine (9) units and more dwellings will be collected two (2) times per week.

Billing will now be handled through the Village water billing, based on your total unit count.

Flood Brothers will begin the transition during the last two weeks of July. Other solid haulers are asked to have their containers removed by the end of business on your last scheduled July collection day. Please contact your existing hauler to confirm removal and comply with the Village Ordinance.

If you have any questions about the transition, please call Flood Brothers direct at 773-625-5800 or contact the Village of Riverdale. We are excited to be the newest partner to the residents and staff of Riverdale.


Village of Riverdale & Flood Bros Disposal Co.

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