Water bills must be paid in full. Properties will be shut-off for non-payment. If the water is shut off to a building (this includes apartment buildings and single-family homes), the dwelling is not habitable and must be vacated. The property must remain vacant until the water bill and all applicable fees are paid and the water service restored. Anyone remaining in a dwelling after the water is shut off will be ticketed, fined and prosecuted.

Water meters, although most often located inside the home, are read remotely from the outside. When Public Works is unable to get a reading due to a problem with the transmittal device connected to the water meter, an estimated bill will be prepared; the estimate is based on the average consumption during the previous three billing periods. Please contact Village Hall at 708/841-2200. If the reading type on your water bill is listed as “Estimate”.

Your utility bill will include charges for water consumption, sewer usage and garbage pick-up. The minimum for these charges is currently $64.16 per billing cycle and $62.66 for Senior Citizens.

Street lights on metal poles are the property of and maintained by the Village of Riverdale; please report problems with these lights by calling (708) 841-2200. Lights on wooden poles are owned and maintained by ComEd; please contact ComEd at 1-800-334-7661 to report problems with these lights.