The Inspectional Services Department approves all requests for permits. Applications for Building Permits and Contractor Registration are available at Inspectional Services located at 725 W. 138th Street and here.

When applying to open a business, the Inspectional Services Department will review and inspect all premises used for businesses, including health inspections. Applications for business licenses are available at the Village Hall located at 157 W. 144th Street, or here.

Inspectional Services also conducts Occupancy Permit and Annual Licensing Inspections for single-family homes. Reports of sub-standard living conditions should be directed to Inspectional Services.

Building Permits
Building Permits are required for any improvements or repairs being done to a property (excluding yard work and painting). This includes, but is not limited to additions, garage, patios, roofs, fences, pools, electrical upgrades, or plumbing installations. Applications must be approved by Inspectional Services prior to the issuance of the permit. There is a $35.00 filing fee due upon submission of the application. Additional fees for permits will be determined during the approval process.

Contractors Registration
All contractors must be registered in The Village of Riverdale in order to work in the Village and to obtain the appropriate Permits. A Surety Bond and Certificate of Insurance are required for all contractors. Those applying for plumbing, electrical and roofing must also provide proof of state license. The fee for all contractors is $175.00.

Renting Property
In order to rent your property or a unit within your property, you must apply for and be issued an Occupancy Permit before a new tenant may take residency. Applications for Occupancy Permits are $50.00 for each unit you are renting. You must also comply with a Village Inspection prior to the issuance of an Occupancy Permit.

In addition, all owners must apply for and receive their Annual Rental/Multi-Family Dwelling License. License applications for single-family homes, 2-units, and condos are $50.00 and licenses for buildings with 3 or more units are $20.00 per unit between September 1 and October 31. (Please contact Inspectional Services @ (708) 849-1798 for more information regarding fees). You must also comply with a Village Inspection prior to the issuance of a Rental/Multi-Family Dwelling License.

Property Maintenance Inspections
The Riverdale Inspectional Services employs Code Enforcement Inspectors. The Inspectors conduct compliance inspections on the exterior of your property to ensure code compliance. Garbage/Refuse should be placed in your trash container, not on the ground. Remember to keep your lid closed to prevent trash and debris from blowing away, ant to keep the animals out. Please make sure all debris is picked up around your property including the alleyway, and curb. Grass shall be maintained and not exceed 6 inches of growth, this also includes the alleyway behind the garage and/or fence. The inspectors also check for compliance on all accessory structures and buildings. These include: fences, sheds, garages and your home.

Crime Free Housing Seminar
All landlords must also complete a Crime Free Housing Seminar provided by the Village of Riverdale. A Crime Free Seminar must be attended/completed in order to be licensed to rent. Please contact the Inspectional Services Department at (708) 849-1798 to sign up for the Crime Free Housing Seminar. You must apply for your license prior to attending the seminar. Residents are encouraged to report any property that violates Village Ordinance or is in general disrepair.

Municipal Ordinance, Property Maintenance Fines and Parking Fines
The Inspectional Services Department accepts and processes payments in their office and via for Municipal Ordinance violations, Property Maintenance violations and Parking Fines issues by the Code Enforcement Inspectors, Fire Department and Police Department. Initial protests for parking tickets must be received in writing within 5 days of issuance of the ticket. Protests for Parking Tickets should be directed to the Police Department. All unpaid fines will be escalated to Adjudication and Collections.