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Village Of Riverdale

Safe Haven

Infant Abandonment laws or “Baby Safe Haven” laws exist to enable a person to relinquish an unwanted infant anonymously. If a mother cannot care for her child, she can bring that baby into a Safe Haven location and leave the baby with a responsible adult, no questions asked. As long as the baby has not been abused, the person may do so without fear of arrest or prosecution.

You may legally hand your unharmed baby, up to 30 days old, to a staff member at a hospital, fire, police station, or emergency care facility.

The Riverdale Police Department is a Safe Haven site. Please come into the lobby and let the personnel at the reception window know you’re here to relinquish your child. Our CSL personnel will then contact the Sergeant on duty.

For further information regarding the Safe Haven Law, please visit SaveAbandonedBabies.org

or call 1-888-510-2229