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Village Of Riverdale

Traffic Court

If you receive a parking ticket you can pay the fine in person, mail it in to the Village Hall or Inspectional Services Department, or pay online here. (Make sure you enter a C or P in front of the ticket number).

If you fail to make a payment before the due date, you’ll receive a notice to appear in court in the mail. You’ll receive a notice to appear in court. With each missed hearing, the fine will increase and max out at $250 before being sent to collections.

You can also pay monthly police tickets and property maintenance tickets online at the website above (make sure to select the correct option parking, local ordinance, or building code when paying any type of ticket) or at the Inspectional Services Department or Village Hall.

Tickets for moving violations are held at the following location:

Circuit Court
Markham Courthouse
6th District (Cook)
16501 S. Kedzie Ave, Markham, IL 60428