Under Section 11.208.6(k-7) of the Illinois Vehicle Code, a municipality operating an automated traffic law enforcement system “shall conduct a statistical analysis to assess the safety impact of each automated traffic law enforcement system at an intersection following installation of the system. The statistical analysis shall be based upon the best available crash, traffic, and other data, and shall cover a period of time before and after installation of the system sufficient to provide a statistically valid comparison of safety impact. The statistical analysis shall be consistent with professional judgment and acceptable industry practice. The statistical analysis also shall be consistent with the data required for valid comparisons of before and after conditions and shall be conducted within a reasonable period following the installation of the automated traffic law enforcement system.” 625 ILCS 5/11.208.6(k-7).

The Village of Riverdale’s Red Light Running (“RLR”) Photo Enforcement Systems are installed at the following locations:

· 138th and Halsted (installed October 7, 2015)

· 144th and Halsted (installed February 23, 2009) – Click Here for Statistical Analysis reports for this RLR System.


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